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Both times, a female employee was targeted as she got in her

my http://www.bestsellersbag.com hermes replica belts (Debora Villalon) For the second time this month, a marijuana business in the North Bay has been hit by gun toting robbers, and investigators think it might be the same suspects.Both times, a female employee was targeted as she got in her car to leave.Sunday robbery at a dispensary on Hampton Way in west Santa Rosa was especially bold, in the middle of the day.”Like around 1 to 1:30, I heard the lady screaming,” auto mechanic Miguel Murillo told KTVU, at his job across the street from Alternatives Health Collective.”She screamed very loud, and shouted are you doing?,” recounted Murillo.He didn see the robber, but a few security cameras did capture images of a slim man, dressed in black, walking to a silver BMW 7 series sedan.He got in the passenger seat; a second suspect was driving.They drove away away with about 200 pre rolled marijuana cigarettes, that were in a bag, carried by the employee who had just left Alternatives and crossed the parking lot to her car.”These things tend to be almost instantaneous and catch people off guard,” Sonoma County Sheriff Dept Lt. hermes replica belts

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hermes replica handbags Rush’s original version, released in her native United States at the end of 1984 and in Europe during 1985, went to number one in the United Kingdom in October 1985 and became the biggest selling single of the year in http://monreadshoppingcentre.ie/clopidogrel-bisulfate-75-mg-price/ that country. It was also a number one single in several other European countries, as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Dion’s version went to number one in the United States, Canada and Australia in 1994. The song has been translated into several languages, becoming a pop standard.”The Power of Love” was first recorded by Jennifer Rush for her 1984 eponymous album. It was released as a single in West Germany in December 1984. In June 1985, “The Power of Love” was issued as a single in the United Kingdom, where it topped the chart for five weeks in October 1985 and became the best selling single of the year.[1] As of March 2017, it has sold 1.45 million copies in the UK.[2] hermes replica handbags

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replica hermes belt Ambulance Scotland, who won lucrative contracts with the owners of the SSE Hydro arena in Glasgow and TRNSMT festival, have been accused in mock job ad leaflets of using under qualified staff.A former paramedic struck off over the death of a pensioner is among staff working for the firm.And a former employee claimed they stopped working for the firm for fear of losing their registration after witnessing staff repeatedly out roles they are not for.Kenny, who runs his businesses from a gated farm in Howwood, branded the claims “nonsense” and said: “I run a better service than the Scottish Service.”Industry officials have called for a watchdog to be formed to bring the private ambulance service in in line with industry regulations.Since their incorporation in 2013, Ambulance Scotland have won for events including festivals, SPL and horse events.Kenny has been director of several private medical companies for almost a decade. His former firm Paramed order kemadrin drug UK went into liquidation and another were dissolved.Compulsory strike off actions were recently raised but discontinued in February against two of Kenny’s firms Ambulance Scotland Training and EG Chauffeur Hire.Underworld Mr Big ordered killing of sex worker to silence her ahead of trial, claims sonThe chauffeur firm boasted of a luxury car service for such as Stormzy at TRNSMT festival in Glasgow last weekend.A previous car hire firm who Kenny was director of, EG Leasing, were in 2014.The businessman has paid himself dividends of from Ambulance Scotland over the last two years.A regular member of his staff is paramedic Katrine Carroll, 48, from Greenock, who was banned from the profession in 2009 for and “dishonest” behaviour after Margaret McKay, 72, collapsed and died at her home in the town in 2006.Carroll was found to have not taken her equipment bag into Margaret’s home and failed to properly take the pensioner’s blood pressure.She failed to give the patient oxygen when she showed signs of distress and did not get her to hospital when her heart stopped beating replica hermes belt.

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